"Well, at least it's not Vasilis." --Research Scientist

Freezing cold and remote, Ancathus is no one's first choice. But it offers good amounts of several resources, plenty of room for industry, a hefty amount of clean ice, and the isolation that cryoresearch scientists crave.

Basic information Edit

  • Planet type: Ice
  • Radius: 5155 km
  • Average Temperature: -12° C
  • Atmosphere: CO2
  • Orbital Distance: 2.4 AU
  • Hops from Promision: 6
  • Influence: 31
  • Initially controlled by: Federal Quris Empire

Available Extracted Resources Edit

  • Titanium: x2.00 (Metal Collector)
  • Methane: x3.20 (Methane Extractor)
  • Uranium: x3.00 (Metal Collector)
  • Ice: x5.00 (Ice Drill)

Available Production Edit

  • Fuel (Methane Processor, Oil Refinery, Biofuel Refinery)
  • Steel (Foundry)
  • Plastic (Plastic Factory, Bioplastic Synthesizer)
  • Silicon (Sand Smelter)
  • Circuit (Electronics Facility)
  • Ammunition (Ammunition Factory)
  • Ice (Water Freezer)
  • Nanotubes (Nanotubes Factory)
  • Coolant (Coolant Factory)
  • Robots (Robot Factory, Halean A.I. Center)
  • Armor (Armor Factory)
  • Engine (Engine Factory)
  • Water (Ice melter)
  • Empty battery (Battery Factory)
  • Hydrogen (*Electrolyzer)
  • U-Ammo (Uranium Shell Assembler)
  • T-Ammo (T-ammunition Assembler)
  • Technetium (Technetium Fissor)
  • Food (Greenhouse)
  • Full battery (Battery Charger)

Available Energy Sources Edit

  • Small Generator
  • Thermal Plant
  • Solar Central
  • Nuclear Powerplant
  • Fusion Reactor
  • Battery Power Plant

Available Research Buildings Edit

  • Laboratory
  • Bioengineering Center
  • Cryogenic Laboratory
  • Halean Laboratory

Other Available Buildings Edit

  • Shipyard
  • Greenhouse
  • Battery Charger
  • Trade Hub

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