Antaris is a metallic planet located 7 hops away from Promision. This planet unlocks the Quris Art of War technology upon conquest.

Analysis Edit

Unlike its neighboring planets Jabir and Teleras, Antaris has poor solar power, so it is not a good choice for armor and engine production. Additionally, its neutral production for titanium is only barely helpful in constructing new ships. Rhodium production can be completely forgotten on this planet since it isn't worth the energy for so little output.

All-in-all, this planet is mediocre at best for general production purposes, however two key things distinguish this planet from the others: it unlocks Quris Art of War and has a production bonus to T-ammunition. As such, Antaris should be the only planet the player uses to produce T-ammunition.

If the player has access to enough technology points after multiple resets, it may be wise to rush the conquest of Antaris and skip some planets in order to invest several TP levels into Quris Art of War to make conquest much easier.