"I'm disappointed."
"From the name, I thought there'd be ants here."
"Ants. Space ants. Big, happy space ants."
"...Shut up, Cal."
--Two guys that are totally not pirates

Antirion is the first hostile planet the player conquers in their journey and is located 4 hops away from Promision. It is also the only planet in the Perseus Arm to be defended by multiple fleets, each of which must be destroyed in order to conquer the planet.

Analysis Edit

Though it does not unlock any new technologies, it is an incredibly important planet early on as it provides a production bonus to plastic. It is wise to to put as many Plastic Factories and, later on, Bioplastic Synthesizers as possible. Its bonus to methane production is also quite handy in the early stage to produce much-needed fuel for Small Generators, Floating Generators, Thermal Plants, and Hydrothermal Plants. With a high orbital distance, each Solar Central produces 1.68 energy per second, making them unfeasible as an energy source.

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