The game is played locally, with no connection to a game server. This makes it vulnerable to many forms of exploit

Idle bonus Edit

You just need to change you computer's time to a future date. Since the idle bonus cap (100x for 10 minutes) is reached at 33 hours, the most easy adjustment is Today + 2 days.

After your idle bonus wears off, quickly upgrade various research technologies and do so again until satisfied.

A word of caution

Setting the System clock back may mess with travel times. When resetting the system clock to the actual date, all currently traveling fleets (including autoroutes) may have to be canceled and the autoroutes remade from scratch.

This warning may be outdated, since the game has been updated several times since it was added.

Game files tampering Edit

The game files are just pure HTML, CSS and above all, JS, living in the browser. You can use your browser developer's tools to alter them (on a local copy, of course). Programming knowdlege needed.

Load another player's gameEdit

You can try the ones at The Lost Sheep Folder