Introduction Edit

Within the diplomancy tab, new government forms are unlocked after specific milestones are reached.

List of Governments Edit

Current implement government forms are:

Government type Bonus Malus Unlocked by defeating
No Government No bonus No malus
Military Dictatorship All military production +20% Research points production -20% The City's Council
Environmental Republic Biomass related buildings production +100% Nuclear and fuel energy production -20% Green Republic
Quorum Sensing Re-engineered servants costs -25% All other ships costs +25% The Golden Horde
Technocratic Republic Research points per seconds +15% All ships costs +15% Halean Republics
Military Federation All military production +50% Research points production -50% Federal Quris Empire
Robotic Collectivism Electronics related production +100% Biomass related production -50% Zeleran Collectivity
Anarchy Resources from raids +100% All productions -20% Pirates
Merchant Federation Market max stocks +100% Orion League
Empire Fleet power increased by Influence/10.000 % All ships costs +25% Fallen Human Empire
Tribal Rule Bonus power for fleets with low number of ships Chance for planets to rebel Karan Chiefdoms
Mining Corporation Miner ships effect +100% Research points production -50% Andromeda Corporation
Merchant Republic Allows access to the market to Pirates allies All productions -50% Yolur Republic