Jabir is a metallic planet located 6 hops away from Promision.

Analysis Edit

While it may have only a small number of bonuses to production, Jabir's biggest asset is its low orbital distance. At 0.26 AU, each Solar Central produces 739 energy per second, making this planet a primary location for armor and engine manufacturing. For this reason, it is likely best to ignore building any Rhodium Extractors, as it will hinder the player's potential to put more Armor Factories and Engine Factories.

Jabir's other boosts are indicative of other metallic planets. It can easily supply itself with the titanium necessary to produce armor and engines, and it supplies itself with the uranium necessary to keep its Nuclear Powerplants running, but at this stage of the game, intraplanetary self-sufficiency is irrelevant, as the player will need to export many other resources anyways to run Armor and Engine Factories.

Despite being discovered before Antaris and Teleras, Jabir's defending fleet is more powerful than the aforementioned planets. Therefore it is recommended that the player conquers this planet after Antaris and Teleras are conquered.