Buildings Steel Cost Total Steel Nanotubes Cost Total Nanotubes Engine Cost Total Engines
1 1.00B 1.00B 10.00M 10.00M 1.00K 1.00K
2 1.35B 2.35B 13.00M 23.00M 1.30K 2.30K
3 1.82B 4.17B 16.90M 39.90M 1.69K 3.99K
4 2.46B 6.63B 21.97M 61.87M 2.20K 6.19K
5 3.32B 9.95B 28.56M 90.43M 2.86K 9.04K
6 4.48B 14.44B 37.13M 127.56M 3.71K 12.76K
7 6.05B 20.49B 48.27M 175.83M 4.83K 17.58K
8 8.17B 28.66B 62.75M 238.58M 6.27K 23.86K
9 11.03B 39.70B 81.57M 320.15M 8.16K 32.01K
10 14.89B 54.59B 106.04M 426.19M 10.60K 42.62K
11 20.11B 74.70B 137.86M 564.05M 13.79K 56.41K
12 27.14B 101.84B 179.22M 743.27M 17.92K 74.33K
13 36.64B 138.48B 232.98M 976.25M 23.30K 97.63K
14 49.47B 187.95B 302.88M 1.28B 30.29K 127.91K
15 66.78B 254.74B 393.74M 1.67B 39.37K 167.29K
16 90.16B 344.90B 511.86M 2.18B 51.19K 218.47K
17 121.71B 466.61B 665.42M 2.85B 66.54K 285.01K
18 164.31B 630.92B 865.04M 3.72B 86.50K 371.52K
19 221.82B 852.75B 1.12B 3.72B 112.46K 483.97K
20 299.46B 1.15T 1.46B 3.72B 146.19K 630.17K

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