"It's finally time to finish off the Orion League once and for all!"

--New Human Horizons Military General

New Babilo is an ice planet located 5 hops away from Promision. Due to the sheer armor and HP of the defending fleet, it is impossible to conquer this planet upon first sight, making this the first instance of a skipped planet for conquest. It is recommended to be taken at least after the conquest of Shin Sung and Kitrion.

Analysis Edit

As this planet is acquired late in the conquest of the Perseus Arm, iron and titanium boosts are fairly irrelevant in the planet's set-up and usefulness as a supplier of building material, but is a nice addition to help speed up production of war ships. The water and uranium boosts are also largely irrelevant at this stage of the game. The moderately high ice multiplier will prove to be useful in creating more engines.

New Babilo boasts the second lowest temperature of any ice planet, and priority must be given to maxing out Cryogenic Laboratories here. The impressive boosts to nanotubes and robots will likely force the player to compromise production of some resource on this planet, as energy will be tight. Additionally, due to energy constraints, despite having a high bonus to osmium, it is best not to build any Osmium Extractors here. The high orbital distance does not help matters, as the Solar Central is rendered useless here.

Despite having such a high boost to nanotubes, depending on Material Science and Hydrology levels, it is very likely that this planet will produce slightly fewer nanotubes per factory than Ishtar Gate with its x2.00 boost. This is because Nanotubes Domes are generally more efficient than Nanotubes Factories.

This planet has by far the highest influence of any planet in the Perseus Arm, meaning that it will significantly boost your technology point gain upon reset. Despite being the market center of the game, all other present civilizations will continue production of their offered resources and it will still be possible to purchase them.