With my song
I will charm Demeter's daughter,
I will charm the Lord of the Dead,
Moving their hearts with my melody.
I will bear her away from Hades.
--the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice
The first gas giant in your empire, Orpheus offers only a few types of raw resources, but in plentiful enough amounts to help your budding empire.

Basic Information Edit

  • Planet type: Gas Giant  
  • Radius: 18540 km  
  • Average Temperature:  -141° C
  • Atmosphere: Hydrogen  
  • Orbital Distance: 8.2 AU  
  • Hops from Promision: 3  
  • Influence: 1  
  • Initially controlled by:  
  • Production bonuses: Technetium (x2.00)  

Available Extracted Resources Edit

  • Hydrogen: x8.00 (Methane Harvester)  
  • Methane: x3.00 (Hydrogen Condenser)    

Available Production Edit

  • Fuel (Floating Fuel Converter)
  • Technetium (Technetium Fissor)
  • Plastic (Bioplastic Synthesizer, Polymerizer)
  • Hydrogen (Electrolyzer)
  • Nanotubes (Nanotubes Factory) 
  • Food (Floating Greenhouse, Greenhouse) 
  • Robots (Halean A.I. Center) 
  • Empty battery (Battery Factory) 
  • Full battery (Battery Charger) 
  • Hydrogen (Electrolyzer) 
  • U-Ammo (Uranium Shell Assembler) 
  • T-Ammo (T-ammunition Assembler)

Available Energy Sources Edit

  • Solar central
  • Battery Power Plant
  • Antimatter Collider
  • Floating Generator
  • Floating Reactor

Available Research Buildings Edit

  • Bioengineering Center
  • Fluidodynamics Center
  • Halean Laboratory

Other Available Buildings Edit

  • Shipyard
  • Greenhouse
  • Battery Charger
  • Trade Hub

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