Quantum Physics is a technology that is open to research upon conquering Zhura Nova. This technology unlocks the Particle Accelerator and Antimatter Collider buildings, and subsequent levels improve the Particle Accelerator's production by +12%. The first level costs 2.00B research points, and has a cost multiplier of x2.20. It's technology point cost starts at 10.00 and has a cost multiplier of x1.20. This technology primarily improves the usefulness of gas giants by adding a new high-power energy source, and allowing production of antimatter.

Level 2 Quantum Physics is a prerequisite to unlock Secrets of Space-Time. Level 3 is a prerequisite to unlock Anger of Perseus. Level 6 is a prerequisite to unlock Karan Nuclear Physics.

Level RP Cost TP Cost Net Bonus
1 2.00B 10.00 +0%
2 4.40B 12.00 +12%
3 9.68B 14.40 +25.44%
4 21.29B 17.28 +40.49%
5 46.85B 20.73 +57.35%
6 103.07B 24.88 +76.23%

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