The Robots Factory is one of two buildings that produce robots, the other being the Halean A.I. Center. It is unlocked by researching Artificial Intelligence level 1 and is boosted with subsequent levels.


When first unlocking Artificial Intelligence, it is difficult to produce robots in this manner, as the high nanotubes cost may be prohibitive when they are needed to construct ships, and coolants consume ice very heavily. The lower research point cost compared to Halean Technology is good enough only to be one level ahead, which is not particularly helpful in maintaining a sufficient boost to make Robots Factories worthwhile. However, when the player has access to technology points, they may be spent to drastically increase Artificial Intelligence levels, far more than how many levels the same amount of TP can increase Halean Technology. With TP invested in other technologies like Material Science, the costs become very reasonable and mass producing robots via Robots Factories becomes a very viable option.

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