Scientific Research Edit

"Who put my peanut butter on my chocolate?" or

"Sir everyone knows the world is flat as a map"

The technology unlocks as soon as the first level of Interstellar Travel is researched. It gives a 10% increase per level spent. (10%^Level) Maxed out on Level 64, whether with Research Points (RP) or Technology Points (TP).

Buildings that produce RP Edit

Laboratory, (which becomes negligible late game as all other Research buildings have a technology based on their specific environment but this common one)

Bioengineering Center, requires Environmental Sciences 1

Cryogenic Laboratory, requires Cryogenics 12 (Good early till mid-late game because of the availability of ice)

Oceanographic Center,(Same as above but with water instead of ice)

Fluidodynamics Center,(The lack of Hydrogen early game restrict this building, good mid game)

Vulcan Observatory, requires Vulcanology 1( Very specific, only 1 planet on first map, high in initial resource cost, good late game, easy energy management on these lava planets because of proximity to their suns)

Halean Laboratory, consumes Technetium and requires Halean Technology 1 (2 map technology so, probably New Game + Good late game)

Karan Laboratory, requires Karan Nuclear Physics 1 (Introduces the need for Caesium, Thorium, Osmium. The best Research building in the ENTIRE game, makes all other obsolete, total endgame candidate)

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