Tataridu is a terrestrial planet located 5 hops away from Promision which unlocks Environmental Sciences.

Analysis Edit

Unlike Promision and Traumland, this terrestrial planet is rather unbalanced in its providing resources. Due to its poor iron production and absence of titanium and graphite, it must rely on imports from other planets for building materials and keeping Nuclear Powerplants running. It is best to avoid producing water due to a poor multiplier and the presence of ocean planets. It is especially important to export water to Tataridu as the food production bonus makes this planet favorable to build multiple Greenhouses.

Though it may lack key construction materials, it more than makes up for these shortcomings with a powerful boost to circuit production. As soon as the player conquers this planet, all existing Electronics Factories must be demolished and rebuilt on Tataridu to maximize circuit production. It is advisable to constantly build more Electronics Factories whenever affordable as circuits are very valuable in the early part of the game. This planet is crucial for game progress and will address all of the player's circuit needs until Metallokopta's Science is unlocked and Kitrion is settled, thereby eliminating the silicon shortage.

To aid in constructing all the necessary factories, the low orbital distance allows each Solar Central to produce 246 energy per second. To put this into perspective, four Solar Centrals comes close to covering the energy requirements of five Electronics Factories for no upkeep. To further aid in energy efficiency, it may be worthwhile to neglect building Metal Collectors, as no titanium can be harvested on this planet, and the uranium might as well be imported to this planet along with other resources needed for building upkeep.