Technologies are gained by spending Research Points, which are earned by the different Laboratories in the game.

The laboratories can be found under the "dna" icon on your bottom toolbar, and Research Points can be spent under the atom icon on top of your game screen.

Each technology has multiple levels to it, with each one costing more Research Points than the last. You may need to achieve certain levels of research to be able to begin production on some resources (Armor, Nanotubes, etc.), or to build certain facilities (Cryogenic Lab, etc.).

Each subsequent technology has a cost multiplier associated with it depending on the technology.

Technologies can also be gained by spending Technology Points, which are earned only upon the activation of a Wahrian Time Machine.

Interstellar Travel Edit

Your first technology. Unlocks Scientific Research and Military Technology

  • Each increase lets you see planets another hop away from Promision.
  • Vitha Colony Ships +12% speed.

Scientific Research Edit

  • Each upgrade boosts all labs output (increased research point production).
  • All research points production +10% (10%^Level, in fact). Maxed at lv. 64.

Geology Edit

Provides boosts to various Extraction buildings.

  • Mining Plant production +25% (Iron)
    • Iron bonus is reduced by 0.2% every level. It will reach 0 at level 125.
  • Graphite Extractor production +12% (Graphite)
  • Metal Collector and Sand Quarry production +12% (Titanium, Uranium, Sand)
  • Oil buildings production +8% (oil)
  • Underwater Metal and Sand mine production +12% (Iron, Titanium, Uranium, Sand, Graphite)

Material Science Edit

Provides boosts to Steel, Plastic, and Nanotube production. Must reach level 15 to unlock Nanotubes.

  • Foundry production +50% (Steel)
    • The steel bonus is reduced by 0.5% every level. (So 50%, then 49.5% then 49% and so on, so it will stop giving a bonus to steel at level 100)
  • Plastic,Bioplastic Synthesizer, and Polymerizer production +25% (Plastic)
  • Nanotubes Factory production +12% (Nanotubes)

Chemical Engineering Edit

Provides boosts to Methane processing and harvesting, and Oil Refinery production.

Methane Processor fuel production +25% (Fuel)

Methane Harvester production +20% (Methane)

Oil Refinery production +12% (Fuel)

Level 30 unlock Methane Aggregator (Nanotubes)

Methane Aggregator production +20% (Nanotubes)

Methane Aggregator consumption +8% (Methane)

Cryogenics Edit

Unlock at Vasilis

Boosts Ice Drill extraction, Coolant production, and Cryogenic Lab output. Level 12 required to unlock Cryogenic Lab.

Level 10 unlock Coolant Factory (Coolant)

Level 12 unlock Cryogenic Laboratory (Research)

Ice Drill production +25% (Ice)

Coolant Factory production +12% (Coolant)

Cryogenic Laboratory production +12% (Research)

Military Technology Edit

Unlock at Antirion

Boosts Ammunition Factory and Uranium Shell production. Level 12 required to unlock Armor factory; level 16 required to unlock Engine Factory.

Level 1 unlock Ammunition Factory construction (Ammunition)

Level 8 unlock Uranium Shell Assembler construction (U-Ammunition)

Level 12 unlock Armor Factory construction

Level 16 unlock Engine Factory construction

Ammunition Factory production +12% (Ammunition)

Uranium Shell Assembler production +12% (U-Ammunition)

Electronics Edit

Boosts Circuit and Batteries productions.

Level 8 unlock Batteries

Electronic Factory production +30% (Circuit)

Batteries Factory production +12% (Batteries)

Nuclear Physics Edit

Allows various new power sources to be unlocked; reduces Hydrogen consumption in Fusion Reactors.

Level 3 unlock Nuclear Reactor (Energy)

Level 5 unlock Fusion Reactor (Energy)

Fusion Reactor's Hydrogen consumption -5%

Environmental Science Edit

Unlock at Tataridu

Food related buildings' production +25%

Bioengineering Center Production +12%

Note: The Research screen is larger than the game screen, and Environmental Sciences appears below Hydrology. It will not be visible unless you scroll down (although the connecting arrow is visible).

Halean Technology Edit

Unlock at Posirion

Level 1 unlock Technetium Fissor, Halean Laboratory, and Halean A.I. Center Construction (Technetium, Research point, Robot)

Technetium Fissor, Halean Laboratory, and Halean A.I. Center production +12% (Technetium, Research point, Robot)

Artificial Intelligence Edit

Unlock at Zelera

Level 1 unlock Robot factory construction (Robot)

Robot factory construction +12% (Robot)

Vulcanology Edit

Unlock at Lone Nassaus

Level 1 unlock Vulcan Observatory and Carbon-Sulfur Mine construction (Research point, Graphite, and Sulfur)

Level 1 unlock Lava Mine (Titanium)

Vulcan Observatory and Carbon-Sulfur Mine production +12% (Research point, Graphite, and Sulfur)

Lava Mine production +12% (Titanium)

Hydrology Edit

Unlock at Aequoreas

Oceanographic Center, Water Pump, Pumping Platform, Algae Oil Farm, and Electrolyzer production +12% (Research point, water, Oil, Hydrogen)

Nanotubes Dome production +8% (Nanotubes)

Electrolyzer consumption +12% (Water)

Karan Art of War Edit

Unlock at Alfari

Luxis and Siber 1.3x piercing power up to 100%

Resource cost of friendly ships -8%

Muralla's weight +20%

Karan Nuclear Physics Edit

Unlock at Xenovigo

Allows Caesium and Thorium extraction

Level 1: Unlocks Thorium Reactors (Energy), Thorium-Caesium extractors (Thorium/Ceasium extraction) and Karan Laboratory (Research)

Level 2: Nuclear Powerplant and Pressurized Water Reactor will start consuming Thorium (It will also increase power output of NP and PWP by 5%)

Level 3+: Thorium-Caesium production +25%; Thorium Reactors, Nuclear Powerplants, and Pressurized Water Reactor energy production +5%; Karan Laboratory research output +20%

Table view Edit

Note about Unlock by and Unlock column, that there might also be other requirements.

Boosts column is not updated yet.

Research Unlock by Unlock Boosts Resource affected Level 1 Price Comment
Perseus Arm
Geology Available from beginning 1: Material Science

??: Vulcanology

4: Metal Collector 4: Sand Quarry

Mining Plant (+25%)

Graphite Extractor (+12%)

Underwater Metal Mine (+12% Iron, +12% Uranium, +18% Titanium)

Underwater Sand Mine (+12%)

Metal Collector (+12%)

Sand Quarry (+12%)

Oil buildings (+8%)

Underwater Metal Mine (+12%)







Material Science Geology: 1 ??: Material Science

??: Cryogenics

??: Electronics

8: Plastic Factory 8: Polymerizer

15: Nanotubes Factory

Foundry (+50%)

Plastic Factory (+25%)

Bioplastic Synthesizer (+25%)

Polymerizer (+25%)

Nanotubes Factory (+12%)




Chemical Engineering Material Science ??: Hydrology

1: Oil Extraction

2: Oil Refinery

30: Methane Aggregator

Methane Processor (+25%)

Methane Harvester (+20%)

Oil Refinery (+12%)

Methane Aggregator (+20%)

Methane Aggregator consumption (+8%)




Interstellar Travel Available from beginning 1: Shipyard

1: Scientific Research 5: Market

3000 Further Travel
Cryogenics Colonize Vasilis

Material Science

1: Ice extraction

10: Coolant Factory 12: Cryogenic Laboratory

Ice Drill (+25%)

Coolant Factory (+12%)

Cryogenic Laboratory (+12%)




10K Do not melt ice
Military Technology Conquer Antirion ??: Quris Art of War

??: Ammunition Factory ??: Uranium Shell Assembler

12: Armour Factory 16: Engine Factory

Ammunition Factory (+12%)

Uranium Shell Assembler (+12%)

Armour Factory

Engine Factory





Scientific Research Interstellar Travel: 1 Research 40K
Electronics Material Science 1: Circuit

1: Nuclear Physics

??: Artificial Intelligence 8: Batteries

Electronic Facility (+30%)

Batteries Factory (+12%)


Empty Batteries

Nuclear Physics Electronics: 1 1: Hydrogen extraction

1: Nuclear Powerplant

3: Pressurized Water Reactor 5: Fusion Reactor

Fusion Reactor (-5% hydrogen consumption) Hydrogen 200K
Environmental Science Conquer Tataridu


??? Food building (+25%)

Bioengineering Center (+12%)



Halean Technology Conquer Posirion

Artificial Intelligence

1: Technetium Fissor

1: Halean Laboratory

1: Halean A.I. Center

Technetium Fissor (+12%)

Halean Laboratory (+12%)

Halean A.I. Center (+12%)




Quris Art of War Conquer Antaris or complete [Tournament] Master quest

Military Technology

1: T-Ammo Assembler

3: Auxillia Beta construction

T-Ammunition Assembler (+12%)

All Ships Power, Armor, Shield, HP +5% per level

Foxar, Sky Dragon Power, Armor, HP +12% per level

Babayaga, Siber, Alkantara + Power, Armour, Shields, HP starting from +5% and increasing up to +15% by 0.15% per level

Artificial Intelligence Conquer Zelera


1: Robot Factory

??: Halean Technology

Robots Factory (+12%) Robot
Vulcanology Conquer Lone Nassaus


1: Vulcan Observatory

1: Carbon-Sulfur Mine

1: Lava Mine

Vulcan Observatory (+12%)

Carbon-Sulfur Mine (+12%)

Lava Mine





Hydrology Colonize Aequoreas

Chemical Engineering

??: Environmental Science

1: Underwater Metal Mine

1: Underwater Sand Mine


Oceanographic Center (+12%)

Water Pump (+12%)

Pumping Platform (+12)

Algae Oil Farm (+12%)

Electrolyzer (+12%, both consumption and production)

Nanotubes Dome (+8%)







Raise Electrolyzer Water consumption
Metallokopta's Science Conquer Tsartassis

Chemical engineering 17

?: Rhodium Extractor

?: Rhodium Sand Smelter

Rhodium Extractor (+12%)

Rhodium Sand Smelter (+8%)

Sand Smelter (+8%)




Metallokopta's Biology Conquer Shin SungMetallokopta's Science level 2 1: Osmium Extractor

1: Metallokopta Clonator

Re-Engineered Servant construction

Osmium Extractor (+5%)

Metallokopta Clonator (+5%)


MK Embryo

Quantum Physics Conquer Zhura Nova 1: Particle Accelerator

1: Antimatter Collider

3: Anger of Perseus construction

Particle Accelerator (+12%) Antimatter
Secret of Space-Time Conquer Xora Tauri 1: Space Gate Alpha

1: Wahrian Time Machine

2: Space Gate Beta

Karan Art of War Conquer Alfari Luxis and Siber 1.3x piercing power up to 100%

Resource cost of friendly ships -8%

Muralla's weight +20%

Karan Nuclear Physics Conquer Xenovirgo 1: Thorium Reactors

1: Thorium-Ceasium extractors

1: Karan Laboratory

Space Mining Conquer Dagama 1: Medusa Miner construction

1: Andromeda Cargo construction

Each Medusa Miner orbiting a planet will boost planet's Extraction by +10% 2T
Protohalean Science Conquer Twin Asun or complete "No peace for the wicked" quest from Matriarchy of Juni 1: Munya construction

1: Quasers production

2: Superfluid center

5: Shield Assembler

All Laser ships gain -80% attack
Dark Matter research Complete Wahrian Cult or Matriarchy of Juni quest line Soul of Andromeda construction

Access to The Void (map 3)

Nitrogen Chemistry Conquer Auriga Allows Ammonia extraction

Allows Ammonia Airship (research), Ammonia Refrigerator, Ammonia Electrolyzer, and Pressurised Ammonia Reactor construction

The Void
Xiran Art of War Conquer Xirandrus Ballistic Artillery

Laser Artillery

Explosives Factory (explosives production)

Xiran Foundry (xirandium production)

8: Planetary Cannons

Bonus against enemy fleets - BA (10%), LA (15%), PC (50% to planet, +% bonus to neighboring planets lessening with distance)