"New Human Horizons won again?"

"What are you talking about,they always win!"

--Overheard in the Space Tournament

Teleras is a metallic planet located 7 hops away from Promision.

Analysis Edit

Though it may have only a handful of extraction and production bonuses, this planet is deceptively useful.The very low orbital distance of 0.2 AU allows each Solar Central to produce an incredible 1,250 energy per second. As such, Teleras is the perfect choice to situate most of the player's armor and engine production. Its rhodium bonus is negligible, as other planets can produce rhodium far better than Teleras. Compounded with the high energy cost of Rhodium Extractors, it is best not to extract rhodium from this planet.

As with other metallic planets, Teleras is able to sustain its very metal-heavy consumption from Armor Factories and Engine Factories. However, it is conquered when a singular planet's self-sufficiency is irrelevant, on top of the fact that the player will need to import many resources to keep all their factories running.

Despite being found after Jabir, this planet's defending fleet is weaker. As such, it is optimal to take this planet before Jabir, and after Antaris, which is defended by a fleet weaker than Teleras.