The City is an ice planet located 4 hops away from Promision.

Analysis Edit

The ammunition and u-ammunition production bonuses of this planet makes it very useful in enabling faster galactic conquest. However, this does not mean that the player should neglect building Ammunition Factories in previously conquered planets in the early game. Due to the relatively punishing costs of u-ammunition production, this shall be the player's primary source of u-ammunition for some part of the early game, until enough points in Military Technology are invested to offset ammunition consumption and produce sizable quantities in any planet without relying on planetary boosts.

Bonuses unique to ice planets are rather weak in The City, as its low ice production can pay only for its own Cryogenic Laboratories at Cryogenics technology level 12+, and nominally useful in the production of coolants with more levels in said technology. It also has the highest temperature of all ice planets, making Cryogenic Laboratories suffer in research point production. Despite such shortcomings, however, they should still be built, albeit with lower priority for going over 10 laboratories if circuit costs are too prohibitive.

It is highly recommended to avoid putting any Osmium Extractors, Hunting Spots, or Greenhouses on this planet. With an incredibly low food multiplier, it is much more convenient to export food to this planet for food-requiring buildings. The high building price and punishing energy costs of Osmium Extractors, on top of the already high energy inputs required for Ammunition Factories and Uranium Shell Assemblers, on top of the half production multiplier, makes osmium extraction inadvisable.

With a moderately high orbital distance, solar energy can be considered albeit unfeasible. As each Solar Central produces 15.09 energy per second, no more than 20 should be built, for a total of 301 energy per second, and even then the silicon costs can be questionable for such relatively low output.