Traumland is a terrestrial planet located 5 hops away from Promision.

Analysis Edit

Much like Promision, Traumland has a fair balance of resources and their associated boosts, with the notable exception of uranium. Due to its one-quarter uranium multiplier, Traumland needs uranium imports in order to keep its Nuclear Powerplants and Uranium Shell Assemblers active. Although the water multiplier is also low, it can be neglected as the player will have specialized ocean planets to supply the empire. The same can be said for energy-consuming Sand Quarries.

Even though the mediocre boosts to titanium, graphite, and oil alone makes this planet average at best, the production boost to silicon makes this planet very valuable in fueling the production of circuits. Additionally, the low orbital distance of 0.7 AU makes solar energy useful, as a Solar Central can produce 102 energy per second, thus allowing the player to build a few more buildings, or perhaps an Armor Factory if 20 Solar Centrals are built.