The icy Vasilis.

It's colder than a gorram beer freezer in here, only without the beer! --An ice driller

The ice planet Vasilis is the next stop in your expansion. Far from the sun and without much to bring it heat, it's cold and forbidding, but is not without its advantages. Ice is abundant, Methane is plentiful, and the landscape, though barren, is almost serene. Once you're ready to make Cryolabs, the never-above-freezing temperatures produce a good boost to your research.

Basic Information Edit

  • Planet type: Ice
  • Radius: 5201 km
  • Average Temperature: -21° C
  • Atmosphere: Oxygen
  • Orbital Distance: 2.9 AU
  • Influence: 1
  • Hops from Promision: 1
  • Initially controlled by:
  • Manufacturing bonuses: Coolant (x2.00)
  • Unique Buildings: Arctic Fishing Outpost

Available Resources Edit

  • Iron: 1.00x (Mining Plant)
  • Titanium: 1.50x (Metal Collector)
  • Oil: x0.50 (Oil Pump)
  • Methane: x2.00 (Methane Extractor)
  • Uranium: x1.00 (Metal zcollector)
  • Ice: x2.00 (Ice Drill)
  • Food: x0.50 (Arctic Fishing Outpost)

Available Production Edit

  • Steel (Foundry)
  • Silicon (Sand Smelter)
  • Fuel (Methane Processor, Oil Refinery, Biofuel Refinery)
  • Water (Ice melter)
  • Technetium (Technetium Fissor)
  • Plastic (Plastic Factory, Bioplastic Synthesizer)
  • Circuit (Electronics Facility)
  • Nanotubes (Nanotubes Factory)
  • Ice (Water Freezer)
  • Food (Greenhouse)
  • Ammunition (Ammunition Factory)
  • Coolant (Coolant Factory)
  • Robots (Robot Factory, Halean A.I. Center)
  • Armor (Armor Factory)
  • Engine (Engine Factory)
  • Empty battery (Battery Factory)
  • Full battery (Battery Charger)
  • Hydrogen (Electrolyzer)
  • U-Ammo (Uranium Shell Assembler)
  • T-Ammo (T-ammunition Assembler)

Available Energy Edit

  • Small Generator
  • Thermal Plant
  • Solar Central
  • Nuclear Powerplant
  • Fusion Reactor
  • Battery Power Plant

Available Research Buildings Edit

  • Laboratory
  • Bioengineering Center
  • Cryogenic Laboratory
  • Halean Laboratory

Other Available Buildings Edit

  • Shipyard
  • Greenhouse
  • Battery Charger
  • Trade Hub

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