Yin Raknar is an ice planet located 7 hops away from Promision.

Analysis Edit

As inherent with all ice planets, the construction of Cryogenic Laboratories must be prioritized. This planet will have the highest research point output per Cryogenic Laboratory for quite some time in the early to mid game.

At around this stage of the game, iron and titanium boosts become irrelevant in aiding in the construction of new buildings, but the latter resource is still very useful for building war ships. Its excellent graphite bonus will help the player greatly in building the first Technetium Fissors when they become available. Its moderate ice production will only somewhat help produce coolants in the future. When Metallokopta's Biology is researched, it may be worthwhile to put at least one Osmium Extractor to help distribute the energy loads throughout the planets and make it easier to produce MK embryos. Due to high orbital distance, each Solar Central provides only 2.47 energy per second, which makes solar power effectively unusable.