Zelera is an ice planet located 6 hops away from Promision. This planet unlocks the Artificial Intelligence technology.

Analysis Edit

Nearly tied with Yin Raknar, this planet has a very good temperature early game to power Cryogenic Laboratories well. As such they must be prioritized. Its moderate ice bonus will be quite helpful in the production of coolants, may begin now or much later, depending on the preference of the player's tastes in how they will produce robots. Whichever the case may be, Zelera should be the only source of robots for the majority of the game, as it provides a very helpful bonus to their production.

Its good iron and titanium boosts will help Zelera sustain its various productions, and methane and uranium will help keep its energy sources powered, however it will need graphite imports to help run Nuclear Powerplants. As producing robots is somewhat energy-intensive, it is not recommended to build any Osmium Extractors once they are unlocked.